Piano Adventures®

Level 4 Lesson & Theory Book with CD

Piano Adventures® is an exciting, comprehensive piano method that teaches children analysis, creativity and musical expression.

The Level 4 Lesson & Theory Book provides:

  • A step-by-step approach to scale technique, primary chords (I, IV, V7), and transposition
  • A wide range of musical styles from jazz to classical, including melodies of Bach, Beethoven, Haydn, and Dvořák
  • Pianistic fingerings to build technique and movement across the keyboard
  • Expressive pieces with teacher duets that build tone, articulation and phrasing
  • Discovery questions, creative activities, and theory pages to develop the student’s “musical mind”
  • An included CD featuring imaginative, orchestrated accompaniments which encourage expressive playing, rhythmic accuracy, and practice time

The Technique & Performance Book is the essential companion book of the curriculum. It provides powerful and effective Technique Secrets, Etudes, and Performance Pieces for musical artistry. The book is correlated page-by-page with this Lesson & Theory Book.



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