My First Piano Adventure®

Book C • Skips on the Staff

For the Young Beginner

Book C continues the young beginner’s staff-reading adventure with the introduction of skips (3rds). Students first explore skips aurally and kinesthetically across the full range of the keyboard.

A delightful variety of songs follow which carefully and comfortably guide the child toward line-line and space-space staff recognition.

Along the way, students meet new composer friends — Beethoven, Brahms, Haydn, Mozart, and Tchaikovsky. Classic themes share the stage with folk, pop, and jazz sounds. Imaginative technique games develop elementary piano technique, and theory activities provide eye-training and ear-training with a spirit of play.

The Fabers’ instructional theory “ACE”—Analysis, Creativity, and Expression guides the pedagogy of My First Piano Adventure®. Analysis leads to understanding, creativity leads to self-discovery, and expression develops personal artistry.

The CD for this book offers a unique listening experience with outstanding orchestrations and vocals. The recordings demonstrate a key principle of the course: when children listen, sing, tap, and move to their piano music, they play more musically.

The child may listen to the CD from beginning-to-end at home or in the car. Individual CD tracks of assigned pieces may be played repeatedly—singing words, pointing to notes, tapping the rhythm, etc. The CD track may also be used as an optional play-along accompaniment, after a piece is learned. Listen, sing, play, and enjoy!

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