Piano Adventures Clinicians

DongLi Cao

Location: Beijing

Email: 66303973@qq.com

WeChat: cdlmusic

Phone: 13811665855

About: Graduated from the China Conservatory of Music, majoring in composition and composition technique theory, taught at the China Conservatory of Music.

Lan Chen

Location: Shenzhen

Email: 2450885690@qq.co

WeChat: Luna_8828

Phone: 13600179757

About: Associate professor, Shenzhen piano art school faculty, director of the Shenzhen piano association, Member of the Chinese Musicians association, a visiting professor at the Ningxia vocational college of art.

Hui Fang

Location: Shanghai

Email: christina.1224@163.com

WeChat: 13917270862

Phone: 13917270862

About: Lecturer at College of Arts and Media, Tongji University, teaching director at Mengzhuo Cultural Communication Co., Ltd.

ChenChen Guan

Location: Dalian

Email: 61516970@qq.com

WeChat: 61516970

Phone: 13555919100

About: Associate professor, faculty at Dalian Art College, Master’s degree.

HongHua Jin

Location: Dalian

Email: 1969429990@qq.com

WeChat: 18642837878

Phone: 18642837878

About: Associate Professor, examiner of the Central Conservatory of Music’s Standard Grade Examination, director of the Dalian Piano Society.

Wen Fu Li

Location: Linyi

Email: 848412555@qq.com

WeChat: 18953970037

Phone: 18953970037

About: Master’s in Music Education, China Intelligent Instrument Co., Ltd. General Manager for the Greater China region.

Ying Liu

Location: Hegang

Email: 38297345@pp.com

WeChat: 15304680002

Phone: 15304680002

About: Chairman of the Yasong Education National Art Students Level Certification.

Xia Ying Peng

Location: Kunming

Email: seanpeng@ars-nova.cn

WeChat: 18311270221

Phone: 18311270221

About: Born in Taipei, multiple-Instrumentalist, collaborative pianist, music producer, also proficient at classical, jazz, modern music, etc.

Li Tang

Location: Beijing

Email: lili_piano@qq.com

WeChat: lilipiano

Phone: 18610478816

About: Beijing Contemporary Music Academy piano lecturer, Master’s in piano performance, member of Piano Teaching Branch of Beijing Musicians Association.

Tian Hong Tan

Location: Beijing

Email: 401548764@qq.com

WeChat: 13511028806

Phone: 13511028806

About: Member of the Piano Teaching Branch of the Beijing Musicians Association.

Ling Wei

Location: Shijiazhuang

Email: 1290883777qq.com

WeChat: 13803376885

Phone: 13803376885

About: Professor and Master Supervisor of Conservatory of Music, Hebei Normal University, Member of Chinese Musicians Association, Senior Judge of the China Piano Leveling Exam, Vice President of Committee of Piano Art in the Hebei Musicians Association.

GuanYuan Xu

Location: Chengdu

Email: 523480503@qq.com

WeChat: xuguangyuan740709

Phone: 13018223424

About: Piano accompanist, director of Vocal Music of Art at the Sichuan Conservatory of Music. Certified piano teacher by ESTA Education 2019. Senior trainer of the China Orrf Association.

Xiao Ke Zhang

Location: Kunming

Email: karenzhang@ars-nova.cn

WeChat: 18669216188

Phone: 18669216188

About: Graduated from Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg, taught at Yunnan Arts University.

Siyan Zhou

Location: Suzhou

Email: 653407515@qq.com

WeChat: zhsiyan1

Phone: 13915525792

About: Graduated from the China Conservatory of Music, director of Australian Piano Artists Association.